Services : Credit Transfer

Airtime/Credit Transfer

Today, mobile subscribers have a variety of ways to recharge their prepaid account. Although buying top-ups at the kiosk is the most popular method for most people, more and more people want additional options: to send and/or receive top-up from other prepaid or postpaid subscriber.

Prepaid-to-prepaid or postpaid-to-prepaid transfer is simply another way to do top-up.

How can you send and receive recharge via a mobile phone?

Your postpaid or prepaid users will enter a guide by simply dialing for example * 100 # at any time, easily and simply, they can make amendment of any prepaid account by debiting their postpaid/prepaid account.

Balance: 15 Euro

1.Prepaid Top Up


1.Entering the prepaid number and top up amount


Enter the number you want to recharge from your account


Choose the amount for the recharge:
1. 2 €
2. 5 €
3. 10 €

You have successfully extended 0661234567 balance by 5€.
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What is in it for the mobile operators?

  • Broader range of services
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Strengthens relationship with prepay customers