About Cloud Based Services

Cloud Computing is the new hype in the world of telecommunications. It offers cheaper, more reliable and easier service and application hosting than any other known conventional form of hosting. Here, applications and services exist in the magical land of ‘cloud’ where nothing can ever go wrong. When it’s used in the same sentence with the “cloud”, the term “reliable” tends to almost be an understatement.

Keeping up with the hype, Procescom offers new and unique cloud-based services that can enable smooth and fast rollout of interactive mobile services for mobile operators and MVNOs worldwide. Our cloud services portfolio enables new and emerging mobile operators and MVNOs to quickly set up and acquire basic network functionality while keeping costs at a bare minimum. No upfront hardware costs. We provide the environment and services while you provide the subscribers. Easy as that!.

Procescom Cloud Services are offered upon a leasing or revenue-share agreement. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any enquiries you may have.